Monday, March 1, 2010

Still Counting All the Ways He Loves Me!

Continuing to acknowledge all the ways He whispers, “I love you!”

132. Another step closer to a dream realized.

Hibiscus Small

139. Little handprints on freshly cleaned glass – I enjoy them because I know someday I will long for them. 

140.  Double.Chocolate.Treats!

Other Purple Small

145.  Exciting opportunity to grow with Philippians and 7 women.

150.  Yummy candle and generous husband.

Pink Bed Small

155.  The explosion of flowers!

159.  People who step out in faith, regardless of the cost!

Small Purple Small

173.  He makes all things beautiful. 

184.  Freshly washed sheets    

Cactus Flower 2 Small

185.  New Books!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing!

the Chacogirl said...

I love your list of one thousand gifts!

Joan said...

Beautiful pictures, Shilo! Was all that crazy heat worth it?


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