Monday, March 15, 2010

Two Little Redheaded Gift Finders

Today I am so thankful for my two little redheads.  Not only are they themselves gifts from God, but they have taught me to slow down and be captivated by the mysterious and wonderful gifts God has laid in my path - gifts which I stopped pausing to unwrap along the road to busy adulthood and “important” work.

  Sammy on trike compressed

Thank you, Father, for entrusting me with these treasure seekers, these gift finders so I can learn to behold again the wonder of your world!  You are the source of EVERY good and perfect gift!   

Gabriel jumping compressed 2

Continuing the count, though it is surely incomplete…

233.  Hysterical laughter at the dinner table

235.  After school hugs

244.  Sun rising

252. Restorative sleep

259.  Sweet notes in the morning

265.  Hazelnut coffee with my love

273.  The luxury of learning

279.  My dryer

281.  Turquoise and the way it makes me smile



Jillian said...

What a lovely list! Makes me smile. Your post's title is what initially caught my eye - your two little redheads are absolutely adorable!! My parents had three children - two of them, my sister and I, are redheads. We were so certain we would have little redheads of our own - between the two of us, we are lucky enough to have five children - but no redheads. Not even a little hint of red. :) You have a beautiful family! Cheers!

Trisha said...

What beautiful red hair! And, one of my favorite quotes goes perfectly with your gift number 233...."Laughter is the best dinner time music."

Donna said...


Children are a blessing from the Lord, each and every one!!

Annesta said...

I am so glad that I found your blog. I grew up in Asuncion , Paraguay. I attended El Colegio National and we attended Villa Mora Baptist Church. It's right next to the Baptist Hospital. My parents were missionaries.
You have a lovely blog.
Grace to you

Ashley L said...

Your kiddos are SO adorable! Love seeing the pictures!


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