Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Most Disgusting Cake Ever

Happy Third Birthday to Darling Little Redhead! (See my pregnant belly?)

We had a CARS themed birthday this year since our little boy is a fanatic! I can safely characterize him as a fanatic since he has woken up in the middle of the night crying for his Doc Hudson car. :)

Being 8 months pregnant and having been a "single" mom for a few weeks while Honey was across the country slaving away on his masters degree (he got home the day of the party)...I decided I would go with an ice cream cake this year, instead of a homemade cake. I thought the cake was a bit spendy...but it was worth it to me at that point.

Now here's the embarrassing part - I cut into the cake and realized...this is not an ice cream cake! Not only that, but it was the most disgustingly dry cake I have ever eaten. Are you shocked to find out that I actually returned 7/8ths of the cake to the store and got my money back? What would you have done?

The good news is that Darling Little Redhead just looked at birthday pictures with me and he has no recollection of the disaster. He said, "That's my special cake!" Phshew! :) And thankfully, only my family was there to witness the horror. Don't worry, I've already redeemed my reputation with some delicious desserts since then!

This is what honey and I got our boy for his birthday. I totally HEART the fact that he calls it his "power tools".

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Reunion

We had a wonderful 4 days with my dad's are a couple of my favorite pics...more to come!

My sweet family...darling little redhead didn't smile in a single picture! What a turkey!

My gorgeous sisters and me. Middle sister on far left is pregnant too and due just three weeks after I much fun!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Can I Pray for That?

Honey was supposed to arrive home tonight, but when I got home from church, I found an e-mail from his airline saying he had been bumped until tomorrow! A quick call revealed that he was already at the airport, trying to work out a way to get home for Darling Little Redhead's 3rd birthday tomorrow.
Right now, he's on a flight to Salt Lake, where he will probably spend the night. UNLESS the flight from Salt Lake to here is delayed and he can catch it.
I started praying right away that the flight would be delayed. After all, it's been a few weeks and Darling Little Redhead needs his daddy (he woke up around midnight last night crying inconsolably for Daddy) and I'm anxious to see Honey too!
But then, I got to thinking...what if there's someone else praying that the flight will be on time? What if they are returning from an overseas tour of duty with the military and haven't seen their family in a year? Would they mind if the flight was a FEW minutes we could be together tonight instead of tomorrow?
Or wait, what if they were rushing to the death bed of a dear friend and a few minutes would make all the difference? What then? Would I still pray for that flight to be delayed?

I guess I just settled on the fact that I'm so glad it's not really my job to figure out how prayers are answered! It's just my job to talk to God about the desires of my heart, trusting Him to respond in His infinite wisdom with what is absolutely best for me. He's been listening to seemingly conflicting prayers for eons (ever think about how believers on either side of a war both pray for victory?) and He isn't at all confused by them. He is amazing and so worthy of my praise, no matter when honey gets home!
"And so, dear brothers and sisters, we can boldly enter heaven's Most Holy Place...let us go right into the presence of God, with true hearts fully trusting Him." Hebrews 10:19 and 22

Friday, July 18, 2008

Still My Beating Heart

I went to the "big city" last night with mom for a little diversion while honey is away (Cat's away...mice will play!). We had a good time visiting a special aunt, eating out and doing a bit of shopping.
Admire, if you will, my killer deal! I've been looking for something like this necklace all summer...but not really finding one I loved. I wandered right over to this one though and then looked up and saw the $2.99 sale sign (regularly $19.99). Thanks God! I love that you want to give this girl on a missionary budget a cute wardrobe! :)

As an admitted "Matchy-Matchy" girl...imagine my delight when I put the necklace on my dresser this morning and saw how PERFECTLY it coordinates with the bracelets that arrived yesterday from my best friend in Brazil! Still my beating heart...

Now all I need are some lime green shoes (you know I'm kidding!). :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Welcome to My Place of Peace

I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time...join the blogsphere! My ministry location (hubby and I are missionaries) limited much of what I could say before, but now I am back in the good old USA for a year and I look forward to sharing with you my adventures in homemaking, mothering, serving my main man and learning what it means to walk with God day by day. I hope you'll have as much fun reading as I do posting! :)


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