Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jack Frost's Handiwork

Photo by Honey

Coming Back Down to Earth

Well, I'm slowly coming back down to earth again after our amazing date!  We thoroughly enjoyed being spoiled!  Thanks so much to our generous friends for sending us away!  

This was our room...very warm and relaxing!

It turned out that El Principito came with us since the little man wouldn't take a bottle no matter what we tried.  He was no trouble though and entertained himself for a long time in the mirror!  Grandma was disappointed she didn't get to keep him though!  

The hotel, originally built in 1914, underwent a 38 million dollar renovation in 2000.  The woodwork is fabulous.  This is the Hall of the Doges (dough'jez) which actually predates the hotel by 10 years.  It was a local ballroom that they lifted in by crane during the renovation.  I didn't know they could do that!  

Another favorite room of mine was the Marie Antoinette Ballroom, whose three original chandeliers were purchased for $10,000 each during a time when the average American's house cost $8,000.  Yikes!

And here's the proof that we were actually there!  Too bad Neil didn't happen to be visiting (he's listed amongst the famous guests, along with almost every president of the 20th century).


Friday, January 23, 2009

Hot Date with Honey

Thanks to the generosity of some friends, honey and I have a HOT DATE planned tonight at this lovely, historic hotel!  I'm so excited!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You Don't Have to Be Frumpy To Be Modest

Sarah Mae over at Like a Warm Cup of Coffee is rolling out the carpet for the YDHTBFTBM Blog Fashion Show.  I really appreciate her theme of modesty and must confess I thought it a fun excuse to show off the outfit I landed (thanks Dad & Mom!) for some upcoming speaking engagements.  

Do you like this necklace with the outfit?  I can't decide.  Fashion friends to the rescue!  :)   

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tough Guy and His Adoring Big Brother

A friend gave El Principito a tough guy shirt last week!  If you remember this, you know I love it! 


I am so thankful that Darling Little Redhead LOVES his little brother.  Here he is asking for kisses from El Principito.  One of those moments that makes a mothers heart go *squeeze*.  


Why it's My Place of Peace

I haven't waxed eloquent about world peace.
photo courtesy of

Or blown you away with glamorous photos of my peaceful home (though I would love to do that someday).

photo courtesy of BH&G

So maybe you're wondering why this is My Place of Peace. Well, it all started with this guy named Neil.

Yeah, he's kind of famous. And he writes songs. And one of them is titled Shilo. Which is where I got my name. But that doesn't get us too far, seeing how the blog isn't named Shilo.

Well, it turns out Shiloh was a town in ancient Israel. Yeah, I know. Neil lost an "H" somewhere. You don't have to tell me. I've been living with his mistake my entire life. But don't worry. I'll get over it if you spell my name with an "H" at the end. Really, I promise! I'm over it already. :)

In Hebrew, Shiloh means place of rest or tranquility. And applied to a person it means peaceable one. I know I don't always live up to my name, but I'm growing. And I hope that's the essence of My Place of Peace.


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