Friday, July 18, 2008

Still My Beating Heart

I went to the "big city" last night with mom for a little diversion while honey is away (Cat's away...mice will play!). We had a good time visiting a special aunt, eating out and doing a bit of shopping.
Admire, if you will, my killer deal! I've been looking for something like this necklace all summer...but not really finding one I loved. I wandered right over to this one though and then looked up and saw the $2.99 sale sign (regularly $19.99). Thanks God! I love that you want to give this girl on a missionary budget a cute wardrobe! :)

As an admitted "Matchy-Matchy" girl...imagine my delight when I put the necklace on my dresser this morning and saw how PERFECTLY it coordinates with the bracelets that arrived yesterday from my best friend in Brazil! Still my beating heart...

Now all I need are some lime green shoes (you know I'm kidding!). :)


Shannon said...

Oh! I Love all of it! :) It all goes great together! I enjoyed your house tour!

Tammy M. said...

Oh so very cute. Finally had a chance to check out your little blog sight. The house looks very homey...loved all the cute but cheap and easy fix-ups. That's my favorite way to do it. Love you! Love, Tam

Jenn DeAtley said...

The lime green shoes are a must!


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