Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pillars of Love

Walking, wandering they catch my eye.

Aged by time, colored beautiful by the elements.

Fence Post Edited Small

They aren’t just borders, boundaries, no. 

Rather pillars of some pilgrims love for his land. 

Fence Post 2 Edited Small

They whisper that which my soul has already begun to know,

this is a land worth loving.   

Fence Post and Spider Web Small

It is, and I do. 

These are my pillars now too.


the Chacogirl said...

Shilo, why do you always make me cry? This is beautiful!

Tim and Susan said...

I love your poetic thoughts and pretty pictures. I am reminded by fences that God's boundaries are what He has specifically chosen for me, His best.

Sorry I haven't stopped by for awhile. What precious little ones you have. Love the red hair, does that come from you or husband?

Thanks for the reminder too, to have full hearts in the midst of my full hands!! I will fit that in my busy schedule today.

Melissa said...

SO AWESOME!!! Love the Pics ~ Love the Prose ~ Love the Heart!

Trisha said...

Simply beautiful.

Leslie said...

Who a wonderful post!! I just wanted to say hello today. I think of you so often, and wonder how you are your sweet family are. Your two little red heads are so precious. My two little guys crack me up, make me so happy, and I too am so glad that God blessed me with them.

Julie said...

Ahh, refreshing post! I love this land too!


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