Friday, March 12, 2010

What’s a Wedding Without a Little Music?

Grandma Bert's wedding paper

Admittedly, things can get a little serious around here at My Place of Peace since this is where I process what is going on inside my heart.  So I thought it was time for something fun! 

This is an assignment which I completed in the second grade.  I found it when we were packing to move to Paraguay.  It makes me smile every time I read it!   

“Yesterday we went to my Grandma Bert’s wedding.  It was small.  Shayna (my sister) screamed halfway through it.  Then she ran to the nursery.  Last of all we ate.” 

In response, my teacher said, “Well, what’s a wedding without a little music?  I bet that’s why your mom brought Shayna.” 

Did your parents save any of your early writings?  Are you saving any of your kids’ school assignments? 


the Chacogirl said...

Oh Shilo, this is so cute! I keep alot of my girls' art but not much of their written assignments. Better start saving some!

Sue said...

so cute! I might have some things stashed away in the attic...if the mice and silver fish haven't had a fiesta! =)

Melissa said...

I have three or four HUGE tubs of stuff my mom saved, from Kindergarten on through High School and even some college stuff. I should however go through and thin it out! That's a lot of stuff to haul around!

Julie said...

So sweet! You were meant to be a writer, Shilo. Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy God's blessings on your life...including the occasional "wedding music"


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