Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fire Falling

The sky’s ablaze with fire, and even from this side of the trees I’m breathless, captivated by the orb of falling rainbow light. 

The fiery descent is stunning, but I still wish I was viewing it unobstructed.  Then I wonder why I must always long for more when this present view delights and inspires just as it is. 

Sky's Alight with Fire

I’ve experienced this before, the seeming juxtaposition of delighted wonder and fierce longing for more.  Indeed, I’ve felt it most when looking on another Fire, an all consuming One.  A glimpse of Him (though through darkened glass with earthly eyes) and I’m captivated, changed;  yet I still yearn to bask in the fullness of His glory, to see Him unobstructed.  I realize it’s no betrayal to long for more when there really is more.     

And while here a tree may block glory from full view, I’m remembering that it was a Man on a tree that made Fire’s glory light eternally accessible to me. 

“For now we see through a glass darkly; then face to face…” I Cor. 13:12

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Ken & Jen Schmidt said...

Shilo, I found your blog through your facebook page and I want to tell you that I have loved reading your posts! You have such an incredible way with words! Thank you for the way you always point to Christ & how your posts are packed filled with truth (that you so appropriately put into words and beautiful mental pictures)!!

I hope you and Brad & your family is doing well! Spring is coming here - we've had almost 40 degree weather for the past week, so I'm hopeful...

Jen Schmidt


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