Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Close Enough to Breathe

I’ve admired it for a few days, small little patch of climbing pink flowers on the old tree trunk turned pillar near my driveway. 

Fence Post and Pink Vine

A word of praise to God for this beautiful gift births a longing I can’t quench.  I have to get closer.  Seeing from afar isn’t enough, I need to breathe it’s scent, to trace it’s winding path with my fingers.   

Orange and Tuquoise Butterfly

I breathe and trace and notice my gift has welcomed another praise giver.  Majestic Butterfly.  He rests light and breathes sweet scent.   

Praise invites us to take a closer look.  A closer look confirms that which our hearts instinctively know.  There is more.  More than a flower, there is a butterfly.  More than a far off view of splendor, there is a God and a glory that is close enough to breathe.       

Savoring the sweet scent of His never ending goodness:

286.  Conversations over the dishes

295.  God’s Word in my language

304.  Practical parenting wisdom spoken by God’s Spirit straight to my heart

327.  Dog and boy playing tug-o-war

334.  A dream come true

355. Grandma’s blue glass and precious memories

380. Our welcome to this community

409. Cool days

429.  Little boy jokes

431.  Christ’s death in my place

452. That His Word always has more for me

466.  Porch sitting with my love

474.  Kids who love to read 



jen schwab said...

beautiful flowers - beautiful reflection!

Donna said...

I would add to your list---
beautiful picture to remind us of God's majesty!!!


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