Tuesday, April 20, 2010

True Beauty Does

Double beep marks the arrival of his message and heart warms fast with love as I read.   

“When I saw you in the rear view mirror…


I was reminded again of how beautiful you are.” 

Reminded Cont.

Smile broadens and head tips back with a laugh.  I’m so blessed by his thoughtful love. 

Fingers quick, tap out reply. 

“Thanks, honey!  Now if only beauty would calm a grouchy baby!”

It’s been a rough day, this.  Nothing seems to soothe the little one. 

I’ve barely pressed send when another message arrives.  This time, it’s not words on screen but voice in heart.   

“Oh, Shilo…but it does!  True beauty does.”

I know this voice and I know it can only speak truth.  My brain strains to understand what He means; to remember how He defines true beauty.  Desperate to comprehend, I go to the Words of Life.

“That is the way the holy women made themselves beautiful.  They trusted God.”  I Peter 3:5 NLT

True beauty is trusting God.  This is His message to me.  It’s powerful in it’s simplicity.   

Piercing conviction and wild hope converge in my heart and words spill out,

“Father, forgive me for not looking to You for wisdom about how to comfort and console my little one today!  I depended on my own intuition and it failed me miserably. 

I believe you spoke to me for a reason!  You want to show me how being truly beautiful…how trusting You makes a difference in all the little situations in my day!  I do trust you.  I wait for your wisdom.”

Heart quiet, I hear His voice again.

“Sit down and play with the child, Shilo.  Just play with him.” 

Tears spill.  I gather toys.  We sit.  Play.  He calms.  Smiles.  Laughs for the first time all day. 

I’m humbled, amazed, and thankful.  And I’m believing with all my heart the message He spoke to me today.  True beauty does, because true beauty is born out of the fierce belief that the all wise, loving God of the universe has the power to change every situation in my life! 


Betty said...

Very inspiring Shilo! Too often we are too impatient to trust the Lord for an answer and don´t wait to hear His voice. Thanks for the reminder!

Ana said...

Shilo, I am so grateful that we found each-other, I have never visited your blog and left without feeling inspired and touched, thanks you so much for sharing this entry, more often than you know you speak about things that are troubling me.

Tim and Susan said...

What a beatuiful post....I too was reminded to trust in God with whatever is heavy on my heart!

Leigh said...

Wow- thank you. My little one is teething, sick, we're moving, and she's been so upset. Your post reminded me in a very timely way that i need to trust Him to help me help her. True beauty - in all our packing and change of life right now, i am lacking in that area. Both in beauty by trusting God as well as in submitting to and respecting my husband. Thank you for this gentle challenge today!


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