Monday, February 15, 2010

Partying in the Capital and the Praise Goes On

We are in Asuncion this week for meetings, shopping…and a very special SURPRISE birthday party for three of our co-workers, turning 40, 50 and 6o respectively!   

 Plate birthday

I had the joy of decorating for the party!  The colors were black and white with red accents. 

White Flower 

I love how these giant peonies hanging from the ceiling turned out…there were red ones too.  I know you can get them pre-made in the US, but it really wasn’t too hard to make from scratch, just took a little time (but well worth it - I will definitely make them again). 

Gift Table

The gift table centerpiece, just empty boxes wrapped up pretty!  The fabric in the frame flanking it is leftover fabric from a skirt! 

Peony on Wall

Just had to prove there really were some red accents!  :)

Birthday circles

These were to go in the food, but that didn’t quite work out so I just put them on the wall.  Flexibility is key when you are making your decorations five hours away away from your party destination!  :) 

So you can see I have lots to be thankful about this week!  Time to keep giving praise to the Blessed Controller of my life.  I am so thankful for:

54. Chocolate Dipped Croissants in the capital

55.  Absolutely no scarring to my optic nerve and a great report from my eye Dr.

56.  New co-workers and their courage

57.  Pain and the way it reminds me to think of others

61.  El Principito saying thank you in his little baby voice

64.  Ironing and the pleasure I get from removing wrinkles

67.  Raspberry jam found! 

69.  That God is faithfully showing me areas where I am NOT thankful so I can change

71. Excuses to decorate

73.  Polka Dots and the way they bring a smile to my face

74.  People who keep loving even when it hurts and the inspiration they are to me




Donna said...

I thought I was the only one who loves ironing! I love the time it gives me to be still! An excuse to slow down for a few hours and listen to a sermon or adoption seminar I never have time to otherwise.
Amazing what we can find to be thankful for!
Delighting in Him

Betty said...

Great job on the decorating Shilo! And so glad to hear that there is no permanent damage to your eye. Have a wonderful time and enjoy the shopping!

Ashley L. said...

So pretty! I love your style!

Manuela@TPOH said...

I love all your decorations and that black and white color scheme!


Julie said...

Beautiful decorating, friend! I would love to learn how to make those flowers.

AMEN on the eye 100% recovery!


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