Monday, February 22, 2010

Hidden Gifts Found through Praise

Purple Flower

The more I praise God for all His gifts, the more my heart ascends to a place of exhilaration.  I am changed, and He is glorified, when acknowledge how frequently, consistently, and deeply His fingerprints dot the landscape of my life. 

Sometimes, like this past week, His handprint at first seems misplaced in the uncomely, the undesirable and I am blind to see how these things can be gifts.  So I am thankful to be on this journey of a 1000 gifts because

the looking leads to finding,

the finding leads to praising, 

the praising leads to glorifying, 

and the glorifying leads to exhilarating

in Him, my greatest gift.


Continuing to count the ways He blesses me:

83.  A home that feels like us.

87.  Raspberries.

90.  My failures and how they reveal areas in my life that need transformed.  

94.  God’s word – my soul’s reviver.

102.  Christ is coming soon!

104.  Being literate and the luxury of having affordable literature available in my language. 

108.  Measuring, dumping and baking with my sous chef, Darling Little Redhead, and all the I love yous that ensued. 

112.  Sweeping and time to think. 

114.  Quiet talks in the night. 

117.  Protection of my children – we found a black widow this week in one of their toys!

128.  I have been brought near to God through Jesus. 

130.  Rain and the way life bursts forth in flowers. 



Jenny said...

#90...isn't it great when he tries to discourage, but we, the joy finders, use it as an opportunity to grow closer to the Creator.

Julie said...

Yes! I am all about praise, HE inhabits our praise! He delights in it. I am thinking I may need to do the 1000 gifts. We are so blessed!

Especially grateful for God's protection against the spider!


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