Sunday, July 5, 2009

Historic Asuncion

With Cacique (Chief) Lambare, who is known for opposing the Spanish rule of Paraguay. His monument is at the highest point in Asuncion.

The oldest Cathedral in Asuncion, over 450 years old (though it was demolished and reconstructed in 1842).

Right next to the Cathedral is the Catholic University. The brick work is beautiful on this building. I adore all the columns and arches, don't you?!

This is the President's Office. He actually resides in another location. This lovely estate was built by the first President, Carlos Antonio Lopez, as a private residence for his son, Mariscal Lopez (who suceeded him in the presidency). Later it was turned over to the government.

This week I hope to get out to Mariscal Lopez street to take some pictures for you of the fabulous mansions! Their architecture is so spectacular! And across from the American Embassy there is a house build as a replica of the the house in Gone with the Wind! I'll be sure to get a picture of that one for you! :) Come back soon!


Betty said...

I see you are enjoying the sights. Great pic´s!

Oh, and I love the new background!

Brenda said...

Great pictures! These are fun and bring back lots of memories for me :)


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