Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Well in the Desert

We are very excited that God has provided a home for us to rent when we get to Paraguay! One of the best features about the house is that it has a well. That might not seem like anything out of the ordinary to you, but down there sweet water is golden. Most underground water is deemed unfit for humans due to the high salt content. As a result, the majority of all homes collect rain water in cisterns.

This year, there has been a tremendous drought and people are having to pay to have water trucked in to fill their cisterns. Needless to say, we feel very blessed by this home with a well! I know it is because so many of you are praying specifically for our housing arrangements! Thank you!

With water being so precious, a green grass yard is rarely seen. Most yards are just dirt. Since my mom always had the greenest lawn in town, I think I am very glad that God led us to this rental. :)

The home itself has lots of quirks but I look forward to the challenge of decorating and making it home. It's always amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a place! I promise to post some pictures soon!


Rachel Cote said...

If anyone can do it... you can!! So glad to hear the way that God is providing for your needs. It's amazing how he grants us desires of our heart sometimes without even ever having voiced them to him!!

have a lovely said...

so very excited to hear that you have made it safe and sound and that God is already showing his blessings. on the hardest days my that well be a constant reminder that His blessings for you never run dry!!! may He continue to bless you and remind you that you are exactly where you are meant to be!

anxious to see more posts...paint? is it the same there with a unless choice of colors?

Betty said...

I can´t wait to see which house it is. What street is it on? Maybe I know it..
Anyhow you explained our water situation well (no pun intended... :))

jennykate77 said...

I know you'll make the place shine. You have such a special touch! The green grass in the yard is beautiful...God loves to give us the desires of our heart.

Susan said...

So glad for God's provisions for you in a house in Par. I liked your made over bathroom. I am sure the next tenants will love it. I found you via Coffee Girl. We are missionaries in Japan. Blessings!!!


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