Friday, May 22, 2009

Hope for the Mint Bathroom

Thanks so much to all my friends who swooped in with some great advice for the mint bathroom in our future rental in Paraguay! I really appreciate your thoughts!

I forgot to say that spa white isn't an option because we will be living in the desert with two little boys (i.e. lots of dirt). I do have a chocolate brown shower curtain already, so I'll have that as a fall back, but my dream is to use this kitchen below as my inspiration. Of course, the clincher for this plan is finding some beautiful fabric like the curtains featured here (if you have any ideas where to look...please let me know!).

The reason I love this color scheme, is that it feels like I could have planned mint tile on purpose, whereas a lot of the other ideas I have feel like I am just trying to play down the mint and make the most of it! :) So...what are your thoughts?

And now, for a sneak into the second bathroom in the house...which appears to have been painted black? We'll definitely be using a few coats of paint on that baby! *Sigh*

photo: Country Living


schwabair said...

How about finding a vintage tablecloth or napkins on e-bay or at an antique store? You could cut it up to make a valance or something to hang just above the shower curtain and mistreat it with some red pom-pom fringe!

jennykate77 said...

I think your ideas for the bathroom are so cute and shabby chic. Those curtains in the picture are adorable. I like what the commenter before me said about finding a vintage tablecloth or some other vintage linen and making curtains out of that. I saw the pic of the other bathroom and I can't believe someone would paint such a small space black, but nothing a coat of fresh paint can't fix. Can't wait to see what you do with the house!

Hope all is well!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Betty said...

It must be an older house, right? Instead of tiles the people used to paint the walls...that was back when there were no tiles to buy.

Becky Aguirre said...

Oh, I like the red with that color of green! Looks awesome!

Ken, Christie, Camille, Caroline said...

You're getting great ideas! We're excited you'll be here soon!

Julie said...

You know, you can buy those braided rugs (like the one in your inspiration kitchen photo) near could probably put in a special order too.

Are you packing yet?

Liz said...

That vintage magazine pic is one of my favorites, I have it in my design book at home (ok, it's actually just a photo album with torn out pictures stuffed and taped inside). I say, for for it! I have a pink 50's bathroom and painted the walls yellow, I didnt like the idea of trying to downplay the era either.

Melissa said...

Hey, keep an eye out at the clearance sections for summery looking table cloths that are large enough or to put two together for a shower curtain :) I've used those before as the sewing is minimal (either sew on gross grain ribbon hangers or one little seam along the top of a fold and bingo) :)
I think the idea is lovely! Love the inspiration room!!


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