Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Either Free Shoes or Insanity

See these cute brown shoes?

I bought these little brown darlings on October 11th. Well, I tried to buy them on October 11th but the only size nine they had was defective. So, they ordered a pair in for me. They took down all my information, swiped my card and told me they would call me when the shoes came in.

And they did about a week later. My fantastic sister was in town that day so she picked them up for me. Ever since then, I've been watching my bank account to see the charge for those shoes go through. But it never has. Not wanting to "steal" the shoes, I decided I was going to call the store today and find out what happened.

Turns out it's pretty hard to try not to steal something! :) The first person passed me on to another person who gave me another phone number to call. So I called that number and they said that my account showed I had paid cash. Only I'm pretty sure I did NOT pay cash.

Now I don't know what happened and I think I junked the receipt so I am forever left wondering if I got a pair of free shoes or if I've slipped into insanity and just randomly write things in my checkbook register. I think I'll be sticking with the free shoes story.


Becky Aguirre said...

Oh, funny! I guess you did your part to try to figure it out! :) Hopefully they won't be calling you back one of these days...

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

LOL! Hey I hope you have an awesome weekend! Check out my blog to get your awards with l♥ts of l♥ve from me :) ♥ Hugs! :) Shauna

Ashley said...

Lol...that's hilarious! The shoes are just adorable! I love brown! Man..we miss you guys here!

Glitter and Bliss said...

Hey!! You tried. That is too funny. I say just enjoy your super cute free shoes. :)


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