Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What’s Different – The Food’s From Around Here

One of the neat benefits of living here in Paraguay is that we live very close to our food source.  Everything from our milk products, to our peanut butter, to our dried beans, to our bread and even some of our fruits and vegetables come from within a half hour drive of our house.  Our supermarket also sells homemade pasta, home canned pickles and locally made pastries.   

Small local foods

My eggs come from a neighbor down the road and it floors me how H.U.G.E. they are! 

caanan land eggs

We eat quite healthy when we are living abroad because we don’t eat pre-packaged, processed, preservative laden foods.  Convenience foods are virtually non existent and canned foods are very expensive.  A can of tuna, for instance, can cost you $2.00 (as compared to 33 cents in the US).  A small 8 oz can of black beans costs $1.50 here (as compared to $.49 for a 16 oz can in the US).  So we cook the old fashioned way, which I enjoy and which really tastes amazing, even though it takes a lot more planning ahead!


Tim and Susan said...

Wow, sounds aweswome! Fresh eggs and homemade pasta, yum! So great to think of the positives of life there.

Becky Aguirre said...

Good grief, those are huge eggs! wow! So neat you can get such fresh groceries right there where you are at! I've heard that there are many things like that available at grocery stores about an hour away from here where there are several Mennonite communities, but we haven't checked it out yet...we'd also have to pay about 10$ in tolls to go, which kind of puts a damper on frequent travel to that town...

Janean said...

poor hen...LOL. anyway, a two egg omelet will feed two adults!


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