Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What's Different - Um Hmm...Do we have to talk about this?

One of the things that is probably the hardest for North American's to get used to is having to throw your TP into the trash can, instead of into the toilet.  For us, the idea is just, well, gross.  But believe me, it is much better than a backed up toilet which is what can happen if you put the TP into the toilet as the plumbing system is not designed to handle TP (small pipes).  Enough said.

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Ellie said...

yes. it's different. yucky. but real.

Ok - ready for a totally embarrassing story? I was in South America - thankfully there and not where we work now!!! - and had been properly disposing of my sanitary supplies in the garbage instead of flushing. Well, the garbage was heaped in a nearby empty lot until either the town decided to send a man, a cart, and a shovel (rarely) or until the father of the family I stayed with and a single missionary had time to burn the pile.

Enough said. Except that in that area where many hungry stray cats who were attracted to the smell on used sanitary supplies.

Yup. Those cats dug into the garbage, unwrapped all my discreetly wrapped "packages" and spread them all over the road in front of the gate.

Yup. And of course the father knew who they belonged to since they weren't his wife's that week.

Yup. And they had to tell me (after the two men cleaned them up - oh, may the ground just open up and swallow me!) because we had to find a better system after that.

My face still burns thinking about it. After that, I used an empty powdered milk can with the lid hammered on very, very tight to discourage hungry cats, and only hoped no kid would pick up the can to recycle. At least if he did, he wouldn't spread it all out in front of the gate like a cat pleased with its mouse.

I am so thankful for flush toilets! Even more thankful for a hysterectomy that totally does away with that awkward part of life!

jennykate77 said...

I never thought about that. Seems kinda gross, but I get why you have to do that.

Betty said... build your own house and make the pipes big enough so that you CAN throw the tp into the toilet! If you´re at our house you don´t need to use the trash can! :)

Julie said...

Betty, I need to come over to your house!

Tim and Susan said...

Just like camping the the trailer!

Melissa said...

oh man, I thought that was just an eastern europe thing! This is one change I do not miss now that i am living in the US again!!!


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