Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yearnings - A Prelude

"I suspected that all the yearnings for I knew not what that I had ever felt - 

when autumn leaves were burning in the twilight, 

when wild geese flew crying overhead,
when I looked up at bare branches against the stars, 

when spring arrived on an April morning - 

 -were in truth yearnings for him.  For God.  I yearned towards Him."  

Sheldon VanAuken, A Severe Mercy



Sandy Toes said...

What beautiful pictures!
sandy toe

Liz said...

Beautiful pictures, and such a moving quote. That book always makes me cry.

Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

Becky Aguirre said...

So true! It's lovely to hear that longing voiced and your pictures are beautiful!

Julie said...

I'd love to get that book. Have a blessed Easter, Shilo!

Glitter and Bliss said...

Beautiful!!! Happy Easter to you and yours my sweet friend. I love all the pics of your family.

Anonymous said...

Thanks again Shilo! You have shared something the Lord has been showing me! God Bless you as you yearn for HIS beauty!



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