Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What God is Made of

They say that hard times show you what you're really made of. I think they're right.

They reveal that I am unqualified to handle the problems of life on my own. That I lack understanding. That I am weak and tired. That I desperately need the God of the universe to reach down, take my hand and lead me. Hard times prove that I am merely dust.

I'm ok with that. Because out of these excrutiating moments is born the rememberance that my God is with me. He's perfectly sufficient. He's infinitely wise. He willingly infuses my life with His power. That in my weakness, He is shown strong.

Maybe they would do better to say that hard times show you what your God is really made of.

photo: Migrant Mother, Dorothea Lange, LIFE


jennykate77 said...

I think hard times are what draws us closer to God and shows us what He is capable of. Through those times we see that He's more than enough. He's never left me or forsaken me in my time of need. I'm praying for you. Hugs.

Betty said...

Isn´t it great that we have our great God and Lord to help us in those hard times!?

Betty said...

Oh and I love your new blog design!!

Manuela@Pleasures of Homemaking said...

I remember reading about the woman in the picture a few months back. They did a feature in the Parade magazine of the Sunday paper.


Brenda said...

So true! Well stated. I did not recognize your blog until I saw Bettys comment on the new design. I like the vintage look.

Jillian said...

Hi! I found your blog via Mabel's House...

This post was well done! Nice to "meet" you.



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