Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mon Amour - Part Duex

It was so much fun having an excuse to create some collages for our Valentine's Banquet last night!  I used vintage photos from The Graphics Fairy, a little fabric, some ribbon, a few buttons and lots of hot glue.   I framed each one with a black frame I already had.  

Bienvenue welcomed couples as they entered the church.  I had a hard time saying that word with a french accent.  Every time I opened my mouth, I wanted to speak Spanish!  :)  

Vintage Pearls was inspired by a string of pearls that I received from a sweet lady when I graduated from high school!  I thought the pose with the hand touching the chin in both pictures was very interesting.

Le Minuet speaks to the sweetness of new love.

Tour d'Eiffel had to make an appearance somewhere since our theme was French Bistro.

Carte Postal was my absolute favorite!  Almost makes me want to go into business selling vintage inspired postcards.  :)    Let me know if you want to see more pictures!


jennykate77 said...

I love love love all of the vinatage French inspired photos and post cards!! I would like to see more picture please!

Becky Aguirre said...

Of course we want MORE!!! Those look really awesome! You definitely have the talent...

Java with the Johnsons said...

oh're so crafty... i'm very impressed... i always love seeing pics.

Julie said...

Do you scrapbook? These are so beautiful. Maybe you should open a business or theme a French room in your house!

The Stewart Family said... it! You did such a fab job, as I knew you would. Nice work! And yes, I think you should go into business doing the vintage thing, maybe not now, but someday!

Shawn and Jenn DeAtley said...

Yah, I'm proud of you for using FRENCH! :)


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