Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Baby is Born...

...but she's not ours! I'm excited to congratulate my sister and brother-in-law on the birth of their Darling Little Princess! She's sooooooo tiny and precious!

Here she is with Darling Little Redhead a few hours after her birth.

One of the nurses asked if I had uterus envy seeing how I was supposed to have our baby first! We all got a good chuckle out of that. Looks like if our guy doesn't come on his own before, my Dr. will break my water sometimes this weekend. Thanks for praying for us!

P.S. Does anyone know why my paragraph breaks are not showing up here??? Help!


Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Wow, how exciting that you are pregnant too! Fun! I will have to check back to hear the big news! :) Thanks for visiting me today, too!

Becky Aguirre said...

Congrats on the new niece...she's beautiful! Uterus envy...that's funny! I am having the same trouble with line breaks...not sure what's going on there...

Joy said...

Hopefully your little newborn has a sweet, easy-going personality and that's why he's so content to stay where he is.
Happy delivery to you!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new niece. Now I have uterus envy and I'm not even pregnant. I know how anxious I was when my due date came and went. It was so disappointed I just sat there and asked my unborn baby "Don't you want to meet me?" Sobbing the whole time. A week later he was born screaming his lungs off. I will be back to check on you.

Many blessings.



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