Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Million Miles

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When your mama turns 50, you can’t be there to embrace her.  A million continent miles stand between you.   

Your heart clenches tight, your eyes leak your pain, and you’re sure a million miles just might kill you. 

You’ve counted the cost.  And you do it again.  A million miles offered up on the altar.    

But as you watch them burn up (sweet aroma to Him, you pray), you think of another million miles.  The chasm between God and man. 

Though it’s long been bridged by God Man blood,  (and by grace, through faith you’ve crossed it), still so few know that Eternal Balm came to mend the million mile tear in their hearts.  You have to stay and tell them. 

A million miles.  How strange that the thing that rends your heart is the very thing that compels you to stay.


Leigh said...

Thank you for articulating my own feelings so beautifully. It is so hard sometimes! Thank you for keeping vision!

Karen said...

Thanks for stopping by Places of my Heart. My heart aches with you. I don't know if you read my post when my mother turned 80, I could not be there. I am only 5-1/2 hours away from her, but still can't jump in the car and go whenever. I will be thinking of you; I pray that you sense God's arms & hand this week around you, as you minister for HIM.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Shilo!

Tim and Susan said...

I hear ya, friend. The aching in your heart that you think you will just die from. Praying God's peace and comfort, even in the midst of missing.

led sign said...

Beautiful Shilo!

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Thank you for articulating my own feelings so beautifully.


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